FAQ’s for September to October 2020 bookings

1. Will the classes be studio based?
No, all classes will be online via Zoom. We are unable to offer studio based classes at present under social distancing rules.

2. What’s the cost?
It is £80 to book a guaranteed weekly space for the 8 weeks of half term, you also get 4 credits to book a 8 additional classes. You will need to pay for your classes in full before the term starts. We need a minimum number to make a class financially viable, by booking this way we can guarantee classes will run for the term.
If you are booking a Sunday or Monday class it is a 7 week term and costs £70.

3. What are the term dates?
Saturday 29th August to Friday 23rd October = 8 weeks.

4. How do I book?
Please complete the reply slip in the booking email and return it to us by Fri 21st August, you will also need to pay by this date to confirm your booking. Only paid for places will guarantee a class runs.

5. How can I use my extra credits?
You can use your extra credits to book ad hoc classes, for recordings or to book a second regular class - but using the extra credits to book won’t guarantee a class runs. The credits will expire at the end of December.

6. Can I use my extra credits to pay for the next term?
No, they cannot be used under any circumstances, as payment for future terms and will expire at the end of December.

7. I can’t make one of my classes, can I swap to another class?
Yes, the Smartbookings site will allow you to cancel any classes you can’t make. You will get the credit back for that class which you can use to book another.

8. I can’t make a regular weekly class, can I book ad hoc classes?
You can buy credits to book ad hoc but we need enough guaranteed bookings for a class to go ahead. It’s £5 for 0.5 credit, it’s 0.5 credit to book a class.

9. I’ve paid, why can’t I see my class on my Smartbookings account
We need to establish we have enough bookings for a class to run, once we’ve done that we will add your booking. All classes will have been added before term starts.

10. How long do credits last?
Any credits added from 29th August onwards will have an expiry date of 3 months. You can see the dates in your Smartbookings account in ‘My Classes’ and click on ‘credit details’

11. I won’t use the extra credits, what can I do?
You can buy credits instead and book yourself into classes but this won’t guarantee a class will run. Classes need to be financially viable to run and we need the £80 paid for places to guarantee they can run

12. I want to attend more than 2 classes a week, can I book more?
Yes, you can purchase credits to book more than 2 classes a week. Only paid for spaces guarantee a class runs.

13. I can’t make my class this week, is there a recorded version?
Recordings will be available from September, you will be able to book them through smartbookings and will need 0.5 credit to book these. We will share more information before term starts.

14. How do I cancel a class?
From your list of classes, view the class you want to cancel and you will see a 'Cancel this class' button, which you can press. Your credit will go up by the amount used to book that class.

15. How do I book a class?
You need credit to book a class. If you have no credit, you can cancel a class or purchase credits. In Smartbookings click on the 'Book ' link at the top of the page, and you will see a list of all classes. View the class you would like to book. If there are spaces available, you will see a 'Book this class' button on the left of the page, tick the box and scroll down to click the green ‘book’ button. You can check your bookings in ‘my classes’.

16. Can I use credits to pay this course?
Under the current circumstances if you have credits purchased since 20th March with CV as the reason, you can use these towards payment for the Sept to Oct term.

17. Can I exchange credits for money?

18. How do I cancel the rest of my course?
Please contact the administrator.

19. Will there be anymore outdoor classes?
We hope to run more outdoor classes but this depends on availability of the instructors and venue. If we can run more they will be on an ad hoc basis and we will email when we add them.  They will continue to be £10 = 1 credit and available to book through smartbookings.

20. My question isn’t covered here, how do I contact the administrator?
By email: angie@thewellcentre.org.uk