Covid 19 information at The Well Centre - March 2022

Although legal restrictions have been lifted nationally, there are still some restrictions in health care settings. Having considered the legal issues and your concerns, these are the procedures we have decided to follow.

Studio classes

  1. Please don’t attend a class if you think that it is likely you are Covid positive or if you are full of cold.
  2. We would like to encourage everyone to be considerate about mask wearing on the stairs and passageway entering and leaving the studio. Whilst you may feel quite relaxed about being close to non mask wearers, others may not.
  3. Please use hand sanitiser before and after class.
  4. A face mask does not need to be worn during the class.
  5. We will continue to ask you to spray and wipe the mat, head blocks and equipment where appropriate after use. There are small head towels available in the studio for you to use if you want.