The coming weeks are going to be very busy for us with the introduction of socially distant classes, organising holiday classes and creating a new timetable with a mixture of studio and zoom classes. We’ll all have to be flexible and forgiving, this is a big change for us and we will be busy doing our best in the background.
We have decided to split bookings for next term in two and we are taking bookings for the first 2 weeks we are still on zoom, from Saturday 5th June to Sunday 20th June.
Socially distanced studio classes
If the socially distanced studio classes are popular we will offer more of these between Saturday 5th June and Sunday 20th June.  Information about booking can be found here: studio classes
We will be keeping an eye on numbers, we do need a minimum number of bookings for the classes to be financially viable.
We will send further emails about the other classes when we have the information.
Booking for the first 2 weeks of June
We are opening bookings for the first 2 weeks of next term from Sat 5th June to Sun 20th June.
These classes are all on zoom.
If you attend classes during the week only its £20 and credits for 2 free classes.
If you attend any classes at the weekend its £25 and credits for 2 free classes, as it will cover 3 weekends and 2 weeks.
For this you get your primary class which we book you into and your credits for free classes.

How to book
We are staying with block booking, using the same process as the last couple of terms.
  • Please complete the reply slip at the bottom of the page email.
    ·         tell us which primary class you want and we will book you in
    ·         tell us which secondary class you want and we’ll book you in OR tell us you want the credits to book yourself in to classes or to buy pre-recorded classes.   
  • ‘Free’ credits from this 2 week block will expire after 3 months and cannot be carried over as payment for any future terms
  • Please note Sunday yoga class is available as a secondary class only or by booking yourself in with a credit. The Thursday class has moved to face 2 face and is bookable through Jo, please contact us for more details.
  • The deadline for bookings and payment is Sunday 30th May. We need payment to confirm your booking.
  • We will only run classes that have enough bookings, so please respond by the deadline.
All bookings will be added by Friday 4th June and then spare spaces will be released. We will email to confirm when this is complete.

Bank details for payment - please remember to add your name as reference! 
Account name: The Well Centre (Warwickshire) Limited
Account no: 51673680
Sort code: 090155
New banking regulations mean you may need to add the account name in full as above.

Alternatively you can continue to just buy credits. However classes will only run if we have enough bookings at the start of term to pay the instructor. We can’t be sure, in advance, how many people will book a class using a credit.  So we can’t rely on ad hoc bookings. 
If you are buying credits, please send an email with how much you have paid, so we know without having to check the bank 5 times a day! 1 credit cost £10 = 2 classes as it does now. 
Reply slip
Please let us know which class you would like to book by completing the following in a reply email.
I would like to book this as my primary class:
I would like to book this class for 2 weeks with my extra credits:
Please add 3 Credits = 6 classes to my account:
Please note that spaces booked with your extra credits won’t guarantee a class runs.
Don’t forget responses and payment of £20 for weekdays and £25 for weekends are due by Friday 4th June to confirm your booking!
Thank you!

Class schedule

Day Time Who Level
Sat 9am Catherine Mixed
Sat 10am Catherine Basic
Sun 7pm Jo Yoga, pilates blend
Mon 9.30am Lucy Intermediate
Mon 10.30am Bethan Mixed
Mon 11.30am Bethan Mixed
Mon 6pm Karolina Intermediate
Mon 7.30pm Hayley Intermediate
Tues 10.30am Liz Mixed
Tues 2pm Lucy Post natal
Tues 6pm Angie Intermediate
Wed 9.15am Angie Intermediate
Wed 10.30am Angie Slow and steady
Wed 11.45am Vicki Basic
Wed 6pm Catherine Mixed
Wed 7pm Angie Pilate for runners
Thurs 9.30am Bethan Intermediate/Advanced
Thurs 10.30am Bethan Basics
Thurs 11.30am Liz Seated Class
Thurs 6pm Karolina Intermediate
Thurs 8pm Lucy Mixed
Fri 8.30am Angie Well Centre Workout
Fri 10.30am Becky Intermediate/Advanced