Information for studio based classes at The Well Centre 2020

Welcome back to the studio!!

To protect both yourselves and the instructor, we need to follow current guidelines. This will also mean that we will not be considered contacts for track and trace.

  1. Do not attend the class if you answer positively to screening questions. If you are well, switch to zoom.
  2. Please turn up just before class starts and wait outside until the instructor tells you to come in.
  3. Wear a face mask as you enter the building until you are in your square.
  4. Bring as little with you as possible.
  5. Use hand sanitiser on entry and exit.
  6. Take your shoes off before entering the studio and leave in corridor.
  7. If you have a coat to hang up, turn Left immediately on entering the studio, hang your coat and then continue on to your square.
  8. Wait for the previous person to move on before continuing.
  9. Preferably, bring your own mat. We can lend you one but would ask you to clean it after use.
  10. Remain in your square during the class. If you need to leave, put your mask on.
  11. If you use the toilet, please wipe down any surfaces that you touch with the wipes provided.
  12. ENJOY the class!!!!!
  13. Put your mask on before you leave your square and take it in turns to get your coat and leave with a 2 metre gap between each person.
  14. Adhere to social distancing before and after the class!