Using Zoom

As soon as you've booked yourself into a class you will receive an email from us to confirm your booking and the link to join the class, you will also receive a reminder on the day of the class.  If you haven't had the booking email, please check your spam and if it isn't there then email us.
We have found that laptops, iPads/iPhones and Android tablets/phones all operate slightly differently. We will keep updating instructions as we learn more.
We recommend you join with your microphone on, and camera if you are happy to appear on screen. That way your instructor can say hi and check everyone is OK before the class starts. Then it can vary whether microphones and camera's are left on during the class.  If you want to ask a question during the class, you could toggle your microphone on, ask the question and toggle off again.
The instructor can see a list of people who have logged on, so they will say hello to you each in turn at the beginning. 

Please make sure that the area you are in has enough space for you to stretch out safely and not hit things like lampshades!! (Mentioning no names). If you have any concerns during the class, you could switch on your audio and ask the instructor a question.
 If you struggle with any of this, please let us know and we will help. 

On a laptop
When it is time for your class you simply click on the link and it will open a new internet browser window and ask you to open zoom meetings.
Next, it will ask you join with computer audio - it also gives you an option to test speaker and microphone before you join
Then it will open the meeting for you. 
Pin the instructors image
You double click the image and it will keep the instructors image in the big window.  Then if anyone else speaks, they remain either as a thumbnail or not in view.
Mute/Unmute your microphone and start and stop your video
When you are in the class the toolbar below allows you to mute and unmute your microphone, and start and stop your video.  It does disappear after a few seconds, you just need to move your mouse to bring it back.
If you are using an iPhone, swiping across the screen gives you different views.
One screen shows a circle with tap to speak and tells you if your microphone and video are on or not.
Another screen should show a large image and a thumbnail, the next a few thumbnails depending on how many people are signed in.
When you have the instructor image as you want it, you can double tap and it pins that view. Double tap again to switch view.
If you tap on the bottom of the screen, there is also a microphone and camera symbol which you can tap to mute and unmute and video on and off.
If you tap at the top of the screen, you can see a leave option.
On an iPad, tapping at the top of the screen, reveals microphone and camera symbol which you can tap to mute and unmute and video on and off and a leave option.
On the right, in circles are 2 options. Switch camera and gallery view/active speaker view. Gallery gives you a thumbnail of all those signed in. Active speaker view means that whoever speaks appears as a large image.
If you double tap on the host (view of studio) it should become a large image. On the view of yourself, is a + and -.+ Gives you thumbnails along the bottom, - closes your image.
I haven’t worked out yet, how to pin the view on an iPad.