Zoom FAQ’s

Will it cost me anything?
Do I need to register for an account?
Will my class be shorter than an hour? It is saying the meeting will only last 40 minutes
I have paid for a subscription to allow for the full hour
Why haven’t I received an email with a link to my class?
The emails are now being sent automatically. You will receive an email confirmation as soon as you book and a reminder an hour before the class.  If you haven’t received the either of the emails before your class is due to start, please email us.  It is also worth checking your spam folder.
How do I mute my microphone and stop my video while the class is on?
You can do both these things in the menu bar below.  It does auto hide so move your mouse if you can't see it. 

I’m connected and talking but no one can hear me?

Check your settings, you need to allow access to your microphone. You can do that by clicking the arrow next to the camera in the toolbar above
I’m connected but my image isn’t appearing?
Check your settings, you need to allow access to your camera
 How do I keep the studio as the main picture?
Double click on the image of the studio to pin it