What is baby massage?

Infant massage is an ancient tradition, practised in many cultures and civilisations throughout the world for hundreds – even thousands – of years, in regions as diverse as India, Africa, Asia, New Zealand and the Caribbean. Even today infant massage is still a routine part of childcare in many cultures.

The word massage originates from the Arabic word ‘massa’, meaning ‘to touch, feel or handle’. This ancient art has only recently been identified by western practitioners as both a beneficial and important part of the daily care routine.

The benefits of baby massage

Research shows that loving, nurturing contact between caregiver and infant has a positive impact on a child’s development. Infant massage is something that every caregiver can do, providing benefits for both child and carer. It offers a unique way to communicate with your little one through the use of positive touch, helping to:

·       Enhance bonding

·       Improve sleep patterns

·       Provide relief from wind, colic, constipation and teething discomfort

·       Aid relaxation and reduce stress in both you and your baby

·       Aid growth and development

·       Promote communication between you and your baby

Infant massage instruction

Classes in infant massage instruction are available on a group basis (maximum 6 babies), as well as one-to-one sessions and ‘dads only’ classes if required. Classes are suitable for babies from around 6 weeks to about 8 months old (preferably before your baby starts to crawl).

You will be guided through a step-by-step massage routine, giving you the skills and confidence to practise infant massage with your baby at home. The course includes full instruction and support, handouts illustrating all the strokes, and a bottle of organic sunflower oil.

NB new course starting at The Well Centre Nov 3rd at 11am

For further information, please visit my website or contact me by phone, email or Facebook:

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Jo Bateman

About me: Jo Bateman

I graduated from Coventry University School of Physiotherapy in 2000. I soon realised that my main area of interest was paediatrics, and for the last seven years I have worked as a community physiotherapist in Coventry, treating babies and children from birth upwards.

Having recently undergone training in Infant Massage Instruction my career is now taking me in a different direction. I feel passionate about the benefits of baby massage, and I look forward to giving parents the skills and confidence to practise massage with their babies at home.

My qualifications include:

·         Diploma in Teaching Infant Massage

·         Physiotherapy BSc (HCPC registered)

·         Member of the Complementary Therapists Association

·         Enhanced CRB Disclosure

Outside the world of baby massage, I am a busy mother of two grown-up children and the owner and trainer of a new puppy. I am a keen walker; last year I trekked the challenging Mont Blanc circuit, this year I circumnavigated the Isle of Man, and next year I will be trekking up Mount Toubkal in Morocco. I am also a keen runner; although I didn’t discover the joys of running until my forties, I now regularly enter local 10k races as well as the occasional half-marathon.