Classes 2019

Alongside graded regular mat classes, we offer the following:

Seated class for those unable to get to the floor- Thurs 11.30am
Postnatal class for Mums and babies - Mon 1.30pm and Tues 2pm 
Pilates for runners-Sunday 7.30pm and Wed 8pm
Antenatal-Thurs 7pm, Sunday 6.30pm
Well Centre workout- Fri 8.30am

Introductory courses-Mon 11.30am and Fri 11.30am
We have several classes running regularly that are low level and taken slowly. The emphasis is on basic low level exercises to allow you to focus on correct muscle recruitment and positioning. When you feel ready, you can progress to a beginner’s class.

Book a class
Email or call Angie to find out about spaces.
People change classes regularly so if the class you would like is full right now, it might change at half term. It's worth contacting Angie and adding your name to the waiting list.

Price and Dates
Sat 31st August to Fri 25th Oct = 8 weeks
Sat 2nd Nov to Fri 20th  Dec = 7 weeks

Total 15 weeks =£150

Classes in the evening  

Evening Time Teacher Level
Mon 6pm Diane Mixed
Mon 7pm Hayley Intermediate
Mon 8pm Hayley Intermediate
Tues 6pm Angie Intermediate
Tues 7pm Angie Advanced
Tues 8pm Angie Mixed
Wed 5pm Diane Basic
Wed 6pm Catherine Mixed
Wed 7pm Angie Intermediate/Advanced
Wed 8pm Angie Pilates for Runners
Thurs 5pm Karolina Low Intermediate
Thurs 6pm Karolina Improvers
Thurs 7pm Lucy Antenatal
Thurs 8pm Lucy Improvers
Fri 5pm Karolina Mixed
Fri 6pm Karolina Mixed
Fri 7pm Bethan Antenatal
Sun 6.30pm Bethan Antenatal
Sun 7.30pm Bethan/Vicki Pilates for Runners

Classes during the day

Day Time Teacher Level
Mon 9.30am Lucy Intermediate/Advanced
Mon 10.30am Lucy Mixed
Mon 11.30am Bethan Introductory
Mon 12.30am Bethan Basic/Improvers
Mon 1.30pm Bethan Post natal (with babies)
Tues 9.30am Liz Mixed
Tues 10.30am Liz Mixed
Tues 11.30am Vicki Basic
Tues 1pm Lucy Mixed
Tues 2pm Lucy Postnatal (with babies)
Wed 9.30am Angie Intermediate/Advanced
Wed 10.30am Angie Slow and steady
Wed 11.30am Vicki Basic
Wed 12.30pm Vicki Basic
Thurs 9.30am Bethan Intermediate/Advanced
Thurs 10.30am Bethan Basic
Thurs 11.30am Liz Seated Class
Thurs 1pm Becky Mixed
Thurs 2pm Becky Intermediate/Advanced
Fri 8.30am Angie/Vicki Well Centre Workout
Fri 9.30am Becky Slow and Steady
Fri 10.30am Becky Intermediate/Advanced
Fri 11.30am Becky Introductory
Fri 12.30pm Liz Basic
Sat 9am Catherine Mixed
Sat 10am Catherine Basic