Class schedule

All our classes are streamed live on Zoom.  
We are using a block booking system where you tell us which class you would like and we will book you in. 
We are taking bookings for our new term which runs from Sat 17th April to Fri 28th May = 6 weeks
Cost: £60 - This includes 6 free classes (some restrictions apply)

How to book an online class

If you haven't attended a class before, please get in touch and we can provide you with more information.  We will send you a health questionnaire and follow this with a telephone chat about your reasons for doing the class, any health issues and your current level of exercise. It may be that we agree that an online one to one assessment is relevant.  We can then recommend which classes to look at.

If you're an existing user, simply log into your smartbookings account, you can use this link . There is a forgotten password button if you need a reminder.
You will need credits to book a class, if you need to purchase more let us know.
In your smartbookings account you can see a list of all the classes that are available on the book page.  There are plenty of spaces in all classes, but if the one you want is full get in touch with us.
There is a list of frequently asked questions in smartbookings if you follow the link above.
Day Time Who Level
Sat 9am Catherine Mixed
Sat 10am Catherine Basic
Sun 7pm Jo Yoga, pilates blend
Mon 9.30am Lucy Intermediate
Mon 10.30am Bethan Mixed
Mon 11.30am Bethan Mixed
Mon 6pm Karolina Intermediate
Mon 7.30pm Hayley Intermediate
Tues 10.30am Liz Mixed
Tues 2pm Lucy Post natal
Tues 6pm Angie Intermediate
Wed 9.15am Angie Intermediate
Wed 10.30am Angie Slow and steady
Wed 11.45am Vicki Basic
Wed 6pm Catherine Mixed
Wed 7pm Angie Pilate for runners
Thurs 9.30am Bethan Intermediate/Advanced
Thurs 10.30am Bethan Basics
Thurs 11.30am Liz Seated Class
Thurs 6pm Karolina Intermediate
Thurs 7pm Jo Yoga, pilates blend
Thurs 8pm Lucy Mixed
Fri 8.30am Angie Well Centre Workout
Fri 10.30am Becky Intermediate/Advanced