Zoom classes

We are currently taking bookings for the winter term - Saturday 30th October to Friday 17th December = 7 weeks.
Angie's classes are being covered by other instructors for the time being.
How to book:
  • Please send us email us with the class or classes you would like to block book for the term -  please clarify if it's on zoom or in the studio - some of the times apply to both!
  • It’s £35 for 7 weeks, or £70 if you want 2 classes a week
  • We do need payment to confirm your bookings
Booking classes with credits
We can only run classes if we have enough paid bookings. We don't accept credits as payment for terms.
Once we’ve established which classes can run, we will release the available spaces and email to let you know you can book yourself in with credits, this will be after the booking deadline passes.
If you can't make a class you can cancel it through your smartbookings account, the credit will be added back to your account for you to use to book an alternative class.

Tuesday 8am Express Pilates Class (Mixed level) with Liz

The Express class is a 30-40 minutes quick fix class aimed at a mixed level and is not a workout class. We have planned this class for those who are short of time or for those who want a quick class before work/school run/other commitments. The content varies each week so that there is something for everyone.
Example of classes this term:
General mixed level matwork exercises – a fairly traditional approach
Hand-weight programme largely in standing with a few matwork exercises
Band programme
Squishy ball programme

Zoom class schedule

Day Time Level Instructor
Monday 9.30am Intermediate Bethan
Monday 10am Intermediate Vicki
Monday 10.30am Low level Bethan
Monday 6pm Mixed Karolina
Tuesday 8am express prework class Liz
Tuesday 10.30am Mixed Liz
Tuesday 6pm Intermediate Helen
Wednesday 9.30am Intermediate Liz
Wednesday 10.30am Low level Anne
Wednesday 11.30am Basic Vicki
Wednesday 6pm Mixed Catherine
Wednesday 7pm Int/adv/run Sarah
Thursday 11am Mixed Catherine
Thursday 11.30am Seated Liz
Thursday 6pm Intermediate Karolina
Thursday 7pm Ante natal Lucy
Friday 8.30am Workout Lorraine
Saturday 9.30am Mixed Catherine/Vicki