DANCE PILATES   barre-à-terre with Evy

If you enjoy movement and classical music, come and join me for a Dance Pilates class.

This class is a unique blend of classical music, movements inspired by classical dance and barre-à-terre, stretching and core strengthening exercise. 

The benefits of this class are both physical and psychological as you rapidly gain in flexibility, strength and balance. 

Small groups 

No experience needed

£8 per lesson paid termly, £10 single bookings

Day Classes on Mondays at 2 and 4pm & Fridays at 2pm at the Well Centre

Evening Classes on Wednesdays at 6.10 at the Kingsley Prep School

Description of the classes :

Revised timetable and a short description of the classes:

Monday 2.00 - 3.00   Improvers/Intermediate at The Well Centre

Monday 4.00 - 5.00  Mixed / Intermediate at The Well Centre

Friday 2.00 – 3.00 Beginners/Improvers at The Well Centre

I am happy to have a chat with you if you want to find more about the classes. I also offer assessment and private sessions.  

Mobile  07905523808 ;email 

Looking forward to meeting you,


Evy Markopoulou


Pilates Instructor CYQ Level 3

Morianova school of Dance, Athens , Greece

Centre de Danse du Marais, Paris


Member of the REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals)



Please follow this link for details of our exciting new class combining Pilates and dance exercises.

Here is a comment from a participant

Pilates for (ballet) dance

I went along to one of Evy's Dance Pilates classes and I found it an enjoyable challenge being a pilates regular and not having done ballet before.  Evy’s new class encourages you to move gracefully, while providing an energetic workout.  She uses ballet positions and movements, but doesn’t assume that you already know them. The exercises flow from one to another and seamlessly combine elements of ballet with Pilates exercises. There’s an emphasis on core exercises, posture and balance. Music forms an integral part of the lesson rather than just a background and helps to reveal your hidden gracefulness. Whether or not you did ballet when younger you’ll find help and encouragement now. The class shares the concepts of Pilates, but uses different methods to achieve similar results. Its appeal lies in the different approach.

Heather Haslett (April 2014)