Our different Pilates class styles

We are all individual and tend to bring elements of our personalities to our classes. Here, we describe our approach to Pilates and how our classes vary.
Angie Gregory
I aim for my classes to provide an all over workout. I usually have a plan for half a term which incorporates some progression as the weeks go by. I often use equipment both to assist and resist. My classes can be quite fast paced with lots of variety, particularly with more advanced groups. I often use lower level exercises as a prelude to a harder level which allows you to work at a level which suits you that day. I often use balance and dynamic 'stepping' exercises for function.
Tues 6, 7, Wed 9.30am and 7pm, Thurs 9.15 and 2.00: these are all intermediate/ advanced classes. Expect to be challenged, the pace may be quite fast - but there is always an alternative.
Tues 8, Thurs 10.15 and 1.00: these classes are lower level and tend to have quite mixed ability but with a progressive nature.
Wed 10.30 slow and steady - this class is generally more maintenance than progression and has attracted an older age group over the years!
Bethan Gwynn
 I teach mixed level classes at a steady pace which are fun and varied. As well as Pilates matwork with some use of equipment to target abs and gluteus, my classes usually incorporate elements of stretching and balance training.
Lucy McDonald
Antenatal - for all stages of pregnancy.
Mon 9.30am/Thurs 8pm : generally lively and vocal. Perfect for a good workout and some banter. Good to have a go with piece of equipment.
Liz Cohen
Seated Pilates – Thursday 11.30-12.30
A class designed for those who enjoy or would enjoy the benefits of Pilates but find getting on and off the floor difficult.
It would suit those with arthritic joints, joint replacements and long term conditions (neurological/respiratory/back problems). The exercises are designed to incorporate the principles of Pilates but in a seated posture (sometimes we stand if appropriate) to stretch, strengthen and work on balance. We use all of the Pilates equipment to add variety and a challenge to the class. The class is adapted and specific to the clients we have in the studio.
 Mixed Level - Tues 9.30am and 10.30am Fridays 12pm
I run these classes using some Pilates equipment (balls, rings, theraband) to add variety and a challenge. I focus on the basic Matwork exercises but throw in the odd new balance challenge. I am a perfectionist by nature so like to be very hands on to correct participants to ensure they get the best results. I consider this to be a steady paced class working from low to intermediate level. 
Catherine Levack
Sat 9am and 10am,Wed 6pm (and lots of fill ins) - I teach exercises through the levels to cater for different abilities. The exercise plan is similar through each half term but I add in different equipment to introduce variety.
 My particular area of interest is using the breath to relax the body and mind and enable flowing, rhythmic movements.
Jude Dunn
I believe that exercise should be fun with a sense of achievement and therefore my classes focus on promoting balance, muscular strength, flexibility and improved posture in an enjoyable and relaxed session.  My classes offer a variety of different levels making it suitable for beginners and those with more experience.  I use a variety of equipment to provide resistance and assistance in challenging and enhancing function.