Where should I start?


We recommend that clients with particular health problems or those completely new to Pilates have an initial one-to-one session. This takes about an hour, is carried out by a Chartered Physiotherapist, and costs £50. We’ll discuss your reasons for commencing Pilates, your medical history, and what you want to achieve.  

Introductory course

It’s usually advisable to start Pilates with an introductory course. Here, the emphasis is on basic low level exercises to allow you to focus on correct muscle recruitment and positioning. It shouldn't take long for you - and your friends and family! - to see the  benefits.
When you feel ready, you can progress to the next level. Some people might go straight to an intermediate class. But Pilates isn’t about getting sweaty and showing off your rippling muscles! It’s far more about feeling comfortable and confident in yourself. Many people prefer to stay at a certain level for term after term, and that’s fine.
Part of your one-to-one is a detailed  postural assessment which will help us plan an exercise programme for you. 

You’ll learn about breathing patterns and the basic positioning of the pelvis, ribs, shoulders and head and how to contract your deep postural muscles. 

We'll also teach you some key - yet not too challenging - exercises for you to practice before starting your first course of classes.