Helen Tudge

I qualified as a physiotherapist with Anne in 1986. After general experience within the NHS I developed a particular interest in back pain and worked for a consultant led Back Pain Clinic. I always felt that the patients who were most successful in overcoming their back pain problems were those willing to take responsibility for their posture and undertake appropriate exercises. Teaching Pilates fits perfectly with this view.
 I enjoy keeping fit and active myself (the older I get the more I seem to enjoy it) and belong to local running and climbing clubs where I have met some truly inspirational “mature” athletes.  I try to combine exercise and physical challenges with good-natured fun or an excuse for a holiday. This year it was Medoc Marathon (fancy dress. run through vineyards sampling their produce)   and  a week in Mallorca in May  for my first Half Ironman. (almost last but finish line still open ! )
 Other than work and exercise, my teenage son at home, younger daughter at university and older daughter now travelling having finished university, all keep my life busy.