Sports massage

I have recently qualified as a level 3 sports massage therapist. I have a very active family that participates and competes in a variety of sporting activities, with all us of being members of a variety of sporting clubs within Leamington and the surrounding areas. Personally, I am about to embark upon my first ever middle distance triathlon in the Cotswolds, which isn’t too bad considering that I couldn’t swim 25m freestyle 18 months ago!
 It is from this active lifestyle that my interest in the benefits of sports massage really developed. Rather than viewing sports massage as a necessity when I felt a ‘niggle’ I realised that regular sports massage helped my recovery from hard training sessions or events and prevented those niggles from developing. This is because sports massage helps to alleviate tension within the muscles that is caused by activity by realigning the muscle fibres and flushing away the toxins that build up between the tissues. Having regular massage treatment increases mobility and flexibility and isn’t restricted to those that participate in sports. Regular massage treatment can benefit you if you encounter any postural stress during your working or social activities or indeed in activities e.g. office workers may find benefit from regular sports massage treatment to alleviate tension within the neck, shoulders and back.
Lorraine Parsons
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