How to swap a class

It's easy! Click on the link

You should receive an email with a password automatically when I add you to a class.  Mail if you don't get it.

Once you are registered, you will be able to cancel a class from the course that you have paid for. This will give you a credit which you can use to book an alternative class from the list provided. See below for more information.

Classes remain provisional until the payment has cleared the system. When they are confirmed bookings they will show and you can cancel a class.

The list of available classes will change regularly as people cancel classes, we now have a waiting list facility for classes so you don't have to keep checking, further details on this are below.

There is a list of frequently asked questions if you follow the link above.

Swap Credit system
The online swap credit system enables you to:
     cancel a pre-booked class in advance, and…
     change to an alternative class, ideally in the same week so that you can maintain your weekly attendance.
By cancelling online, you gain a swap credit which allows you to book any other class where there’s a space.
It also allows someone else to use your place (and this is really the point of the system) – so the earlier you can cancel, the better for others. People often look at the system close to the start time so it’s worth cancelling, even last minute.

Swap credits will have an expiry date of 3 months from when you cancel.

Under normal circumstances, credits do not have a monetary value and so cannot be stored up to pay for the next term or used for a refund.

Occasionally, and by prior agreement, when circumstances change mid-course and you need to cancel your place (because of surgery or pregnancy, for example) those pre-booked classes may be added as credits to be used when rebooking in the future.

Waiting list for classes

There is a waiting list facility for classes. Click on the ‘Book’ link at the top, and you will see a list of all classes.  To the right of the page there is a waiting list column. If the class is full, there is an option to click on ‘+ADD me to the waiting list’.  Click on it and if a space becomes available you will be sent an email to the address on the system. NOTE - You will only have 60 mins to use your credit to book a place.  If you don't respond in time, the next person on the list will get an email inviting them to book.

 If you add yourself to a waiting list and later change your mind, there is a remove me button.  You can only use the waiting list facility if you have a credit.

Bought extra credits
There is also a facility to buy extra credits to try to get to 2 or more classes a week or buy credits to use ad hoc. This suits shift workers and those whose hours are unpredictable.

These bought credits last for a year.