The Well Centre workout

High intensity interval training comes to The Well Centre-don't be alarmed, read on!

The Well Centre workout combines short periods of high intensity workout followed by recovery periods of Pilates exercises. 
Benefits of this type of regimen are well documented. They include gains in cardiovascular fitness and increased fat burning leading to improved weight loss.
The original idea of high intensity classes was to do sets of high intensity cardiovascular work interspersed with low level recovery exercises.
We want to adapt this idea to mean high intensity for you. So while some people may be running very fast on the spot, walking on the spot may be your equivalent. Some may jump out into star position but to keep the impact down, you might step out into the same position. Some may be doing a full squat followed by a jump, you might adapt this into a knee bend and reach up.

We can be very creative in adapting an exercise to suit your needs.
You need to wear clean trainers suitable for indoor use e.g. with no grit or dirt in the treads. You will probably want some water too!
These classes run regularly on Fridays at 8.30am for 40 mins or so .
To find out more or book a place, contact me:  or 07971 830560 or 01926 334062