What people say about us

"I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in the lower back. A friend recommended Pilates and Angie. I haven't looked back and would not be without these classes, which have strengthened my inner core and kept me supple. Along with medication, Pilates has helped to arrest the deterioration and my bone density is now back up to a normal level." JJ
"I suffered with terrible neck, shoulder and back pain for many years. I had very little movement in my neck and had to be really careful as the slightest wrong movement could put me out of action for days. I have been to osteopaths, physiotherapists and chiropractors for years but saw little improvement and spent hundreds of pounds. It was suggested that I tried Pilates and I was given Angie’s details. I started in January 2007 and I can’t believe what a difference it has made to my life. I have much more mobility in my neck and my back feels really strong and stable. Angie is a great teacher, the classes are hard work but always fun." TH
"Every week, following my Pilates class I feel two inches taller!  The exercises are subtle....they work really well for me - my posture, flexibility and muscle tone are all much improved. 
The classes are fun and informal, I also find them very relaxing - but, the best thing is the 'feelgood' factor when the class is over!  This is worth every penny." JU
I’ve been coming to Pilates classes for over two years now and really feel better for it. This year’s challenge, over seven weekends,  has been to walk the Offa’s Dyke path (177 miles) from Prestatyn in north Wales to Chepstow in the south – a glorious route through some fairly hilly country in places. Pilates really helped me here, with general stamina and muscle tone, but especially in being able to use my core strength in tackling the steep bits. SP
"Pilates had been on my radar ever since I first saw it demonstrated, but living a frenetic life I never managed to fit it in, until of course my back got into a really bad situation (a slipped disc from too much driving : seat manufacturers have a lot to answer for : and then compounded by a cartoonesque fall on the ice).  I am now attending Anne’s classes regularly and having regular acupuncture treatment at The Dell Centre with Chris Byrne, and behold my back is significantly improved!  It’s a slower recovery than I might like, but at 73, what can you expect?"
"What I really enjoy is watching the expressions of grim concentration on everyone’s faces as we go thro the moves and Anne keeping us laughing at ourselves.” JA
"Having started Pilates after a year of pelvic pain, I can now walk reasonable distances again, and I also have much less neck and shoulder pain, a better posture and a flatter stomach! JB, 65 by the way."
"I started Pilates because I had neck and shoulder problems. I had been through 6 months of physio and joined a beginners class to sort things out long term. I've hardly had any problems since."
"These classes are friendly and non-competitive. Exercises are explained at different levels of challenge."
"Because the classes are small, Angie will notice if you're doing an exercise incorrectly. That way you have the confidence you're doing things right and can practise at home." NL
"I always enjoy the classes and appreciate being stretched that little bit more as we go through the term. The regular attendance of your students is an endorsement in itself. I regularly hear people say how much better they feel after the class than when they arrived. You are definitely a motivator." JH
"I am so much more flexible and fitter than 6 years ago when I had sciatica.  
Pilates is both mental and physical gentle exercise which has become part of life!" AH
"Pilates has changed my life and thats after trying acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy and Alexander technique to help with a bad back." CB
"The antenatal class was a real haven of relaxation particularly in the third trimester. The beginner class has really helped with a sore back and has made me far more conscious of my posture." FK