Why should I try Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise programme that involves mindful movement to change and challenge how we move. Whilst current emphasis has moved away from constant conscious drawing in of the abdominal muscles, maintaining good posture, control and balance of the whole body requires co-ordination and tone in what we have traditionally called our core.
When muscles work in the wrong way, their structure changes so that they become gradually short and tight. This makes injury and pain more likely.
But research shows that regular exercise can actually help prevent recurrence of back and neck pain.
At The Well Centre, we focus on quality of movement, not quantity. That makes Pilates a suitable exercise regime following injury or illness.
Many people find the discipline of gentle yet precise movement can be very relaxing.

What does Pilates do?

Pilates helps you both physically and mentally, improving body awareness and strengthening supporting muscles. Here's what some of our Pilates students say...
  • "My back and neck are much stronger"
  • "I leave feeling full of energy"
  • "I no longer dread Mondays"
  • "It's great to have time to de-stress in the middle of the day"
  • "It helps me to get things in perspective"
  • "It's important to make time for me"
Taking an hour out of a busy schedule to focus on your own health and general well being can be very rewarding. It helps your mind to stop racing… helps you regain a sense of proportion… and can make you look and feel much better, too!